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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Do the Crime..Do the Time?..or NoT

Mehmet Ali Agca is actually being considered a "hero" by some. The name may not ring a bell due to the fact that he has been incarcerated for the past 25 years in Italy and then "pardoned" and extradited to Istanbul, Turkey.
I don't blame you for not being able to recite Turkish convicted felons by heart..but this is no ordinary felon.
Agca shot Pope JohnPaul ll in the Spring of 1981. The Pope was struck in the abdomen, left hand and right arm. The Pope's life was saved, according to doctors, due to the fact that the bullets missed his vital organs.
Full story covered by CNN:
CNN Coverage

Not that Agca was a choir boy before the attempted assassination mind you.
He was serving time for the murder of a newspaper editor as well as the robbery of a factory.
Although the Pope publicly forgave the gunman -do we have to? How about the editor Abdi Ipekci's family?..do they have to?
According to studies from the Department of Justice nearly 70% of criminals released from federal prison get rearrested for a felony or misdemeanor within 3 years! Nearly half are convicted of a new crime.
But that doesn't seem to stop those who believe no matter how heinous the crime, the criminal is the one who DeserveS a chance to make something out of his life.
One of the first things Agca allegedly wants to do is have a meal of "beans and rice"..how nice for him. He claims he has found God and is "a man of peace".
Oh, and by the way:
He claims he will speak about the assassination attempt if he is PaiD for it.
Sounds Godly to me.......NoT.

For the latest in Vatican City..
A Ladys Ruminations


  • At 7:01 PM, Blogger Karl m said…

    let's see...O.J...Robert Blake...anyone with alot of $$$$$$..did you say Justice system...i say Club Fed..we will teach you how to bulk up and of course supply all your (sic!) reading needs...come on now, where would Johnny Cash have got started... sorry..did i mention ca$h again...Ah..rehabilitated...yeah that the story..they are now rehabilitated...just look closely the word "rehabitate"...is in there...and so should they....


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