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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The "B" Word

If you don't know this already may I be the first to inform you of the import of words in the process of learning to Love. Words actually cause an "imprint', if you will...a permanent mark through which all future perception of a child is then filtered.
If pejorative words were used to describe women, the possibility of you being able to truly love a woman will be greatly minimized.
The purpose of words was to allow people to communicate and be drawn closer to one another..but...
Labels quickly substituted for words enslaving people into prejudices, thus distancing people from one another.It became popular to call members of ethnic groups by slurs.."Wop","Chink","Spic", "Kike"....and the one uniquely reserved for women..."Bi_tch".
Any psycholinguist can vouch for how language affects behavior. If words are usually pleasant,a positive environment is created, which reinforces good. If words are particularly caustic and callous, they invariably create a negative environment, reinforcing the bad.
The word "bit_ch" has historically been the most vile, rageful word one could use to describe a woman. It most often preceded male violence toward women.
It has now become commonplace for men and women to refer to women as "bit_ches". For women to have sanctioned this is the ultimate expression of self hate.
The negative stimuli produced by the mere utterance of that word can engender feelings of hatred...and it most often does.
For centuries we have been trying to break down barriers between men and women, and rallying against labels..."bimbo".. "dumb blonde", "dame", "the girl" at the office...These were all viewed , and rightfully so, as signs of the utmost disrespect.
And suddenly it has become cool and socially acceptable to call and allow ourselves to be called "Bit_ch?"
Whether we like it or not, we have been conditioned by negative associations...Words like "Bit_ch" and "Nigger" were born of animosity and exclusion.
They will never evoke feelings of empathy or compassion.They will never be "cool"- no matter who utters them.
Choose carefully,- because when all is "said"and done - You are your WordS.


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