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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Pornography Doesn't Hurt People?.Whom are TheY Kidding?

LanguagE shapes our thoughts as do Images. Political and social opinion of the moment seem to be provided by the "liberals." Others are of course reactionary, intellectually deficient, and of course- intolerant.
It appears almost axiomatic and accepted as psychological fact these days that no one can be "conditioned", or moved to action by anything he sees in magazines, on the InterneT,in movies or on television. And if someone is...it is entirely up to him or her to avoid acting out.
The prevailing climate of accepting pornography and its widespread influence as "normal" has even undermined the ability of ordinary citizens, fathers and mothers- to speak out against something common sense dictates is dangerous, for fear of being ridiculed as being "old fashioned" or prudish.
Seeping children and young adults- particulary male adults (who are responsible for "white slavery",who commit rape and sexual torture against men,women and children)..in a culture of promiscuity and subversion ..and then absolving oneself of all social consequences by simply stating "One can not prove the causal relationship..-hence there is no DangeR"-Is at best, coming in bad faith and at worst- the biggest menace to civilization as we know it.
But if decent, humane people who honor women, men, and family don't speak out, what we will bear witness to is not a dramatic collapse of American civilization, - but a gradual anihilistic destruction of the entire existing order.
Society, by embracing pornographY as mere "entertainment", is exhibiting symptoms of disintegration and insidious erosion already.
Pornography is not "speech", contrary to the shouts of the ACLU,who thus demand its ProtectioN by the Constitution. Exposure to explicit portrayal of sexual acts turns its audience into perverse voyeurs oftentimes becoming the means by which sexual addicts act out self indulgent excessive masterbatory rituals and where sexual deviants learn their revolting methods of torture against women and men alike.
Far from providing liberation and cultural EmancipatioN, the proliferation of Pornography which masquerades as "SpeecH" and "ArT"-has given us no lower depth to descend to.
Aided by civil libertarians,the Supreme Court has given the pornography industry a license to operate in the accessible and legitimate marketplace.
It is time to challenge their assertions, to acknowlede the merit of a certain degree of CensorshiP. Contary to modern day liberal thinking, the case for censorship has been made by enlightened, democratic leaders. That's right , I said Censorship.
History lesson to follow.


  • At 8:19 PM, Blogger Karl m said…

    i guess that big letter "S" on their caped costume does NOT stand for Superman....rather "STUPID" ...the inability to see the obvious.. the seeping destruction of a society by allowing preverse and degrading pictures (not art),rap (not music) to be mainstream... only adds toxins to the impressions we must take in daily...HOW LONG DO YOU THINK WE HAVE LEFT????????


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