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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Pot calling the Kettle Black??

Umm..Senator Ted Kennedy standing in judgement of Judge Sam Alito's character?
Do we laugh or cry?
If Judge Alito was even remotely involved in the "Concerned Alumni of Princeton"...then what?
You would think they were discussing the KKK the way Kennedy was posturing with his holier than thou, self righteous indignation.
His finger pointing boils down essentially to a group not wanting Princeton University to lower their academic standards to accept anyone. Whether it's minorities or women is irrelevant actually.
Believe it or not there is a case to be made for eliminating affirmative action. Some believe that suggesting that minorities even need affirmative action in order to succeed implies their inferiority. They need government's hand outs and helping hand because they can't succeed without it?
Qualified minorities will succeed due to their efforts, work and abilities just like their peers.
I'm quite certain Judge Alito is all for leveling the playing field and treating ALL equal under the Law..Not so sure if he would support programs, however, which preferred some over others because of race..no matter what the race happens to be.
But then, Kennedy could accuse him of "racism"...and we ALL know fearful people are of that...why just the mere use of a racially insensitive remark could destroy one's entire career. (Of course, yet again that depends which race you are slighting..)
But I digress......
If anyone is standing in judgement of Judge Alito's character at this time...Please tell me it isn't Ted Kennedy.
Someone pass the KleeneX.

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  • At 8:35 PM, Blogger Karl m said…

    Ted Kennedy...Lifeguard,Drivers ed teacher,bartender...see that was easy..now imagine him judging Alito's character..you can do it...remember Clinton was our president..see anything is possible...can you imagine him using that "finger" to dial 911 on the bridge...or to tell his many relatives that women are not to be treated "that Kennedy" way..we must admit it...he does make you laugh........or cry!!!!


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