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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

ExploitinG and TraffickinG our own WomeN:ShamE on US.

The next time you hear someone snicker when they talk about having been to a "strip club".. the next time you hear the ACLU cry out that pornography is Art, and legitimized by the First Amendment..the next time you watch the latest rap or rock video and see nothing but young girls who could pass for prostitutes..YoU really ought to know some facts:

Trafficking of women as well as children for the sex "industry", (as some like to call it) is prevalent worldwide. From a recent CIA briefing, approximately 50,000 women and children are trafficked to America every single year.

But but but...these women in the strip clubs "CHOOSE" this 'vocation'..they make tons of money, you hear the justifiers argue.
DEAD wrong on both counts.

The majority of grievously abused women and children,who some still insist on calling sex 'workers' or better yet 'exotic dancers'..(though what is exotic about peddling flesh for the dregs of society remains a mystery to me..)have been recruited by force,coercion,lies, lured with fraudulent promises of lucrative opportunities, deception and even literal abduction.

Women from Thai, Latvia,Korea, China and Russia are brought(against their will) in droves to the U.S. by men for the sole purpose of working in the sex 'industry' or as sex slaves. Stripped of their passports, often unable to speak the local language, sold as chattel, and terrified of local law enforcement authorities and their traffickers, these women are doomed.

Psychological and mental coercion are used against even young American girls, who have suffered sexual abuse and are fed lies about the 'exotic Industry' they are joining ranks with.
Many young girls initially consent to work as prostitutes or 'dancers' and quickly change their minds upon experiencing the horror. Oftentimes they are then forced to remain via the threats and intimidation of their 'pimps' and 'bosses'.

The same Thirteenth Amendment which outlawed slavery also prohibits one from selling oneself into bondage. If a young girl initially consented to prostitution or stripping and then is forced to remain against her will, her intial consent means nothing. Do not fool yourselves...psychological force is a powerful phenomenon when dealing with young girls who have been sexually abused.

Stripping and Prostitution is not sex work, nor is it sexy. It is violence against women,(whether the sexually abused 18 year old girl knows it or not).
It exists because significant numbers of men are given social, moral and legal permission to buy women and sexual pleasure on demand.
It exists because pimps,owners of Exotic dance 'clubs' and traffickers prey on women's poverty,loss of self esteem and inequality.

It exists because it is a last ditch survival strategy for some impoverished girls and women.
It is not truly a 'choice',-free of coercion -made by a mature mind and heart....at least not in the Western legal tradition that we so honor.

Do you know of any other 'profession', wherein the worker is routinely degraded and objectified?

It is time to stop rationalizing that women dressing scantily clad in music videos, or even at a professional tennis match is somehow 'empowering'..that teaching our young girls that looking like a 'whore' is cool and a mark of feminism.

It is time to start arresting the perpetrators of trafficking and prostitution.

And by God...Let us stop glorifying the Adult Entertainment Industy...and see it for what it is:
Sexual Exploitation and Degradation of WomeN.

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Hat tip :to Karl M for the inspiration- upon revealing the latest crisis of women, and children in brothels in Calcutta and worldwide.


  • At 7:59 PM, Blogger Regular Ron said…

    I agree with you to some extent sweetie. The sex slave trade is one of the worst things going on in this world, besides Islam, in my opinion.

    But to say all strippers are "slaves", well, thats where I disagree with you. I'm sure alot of them get into it, because of a boyfriend, or some dumb-ass, but I've known quite a few through my life, who really were paying for college. Two of them, who I'm still very close with, are Dr's believe it or not. And one, I know very well is a succesfull lawyer here in DC now.

    I agree with you on all of the other points. It is degrading and a shamfull practice. But, when you have goofy men willing to pay for it, and more goofy men willing to provide it, it won't ever stop. All you can do is pray that the Almighty will do something about it.

    By the way, Love your blog sweetheart.


  • At 8:49 PM, Blogger WomanHonorThyself said…

    Aw thanks Ron for ya feedbacks.With all due respect..selling sexual excitement to strange men ,in my estimation points to a severe lack of self worth..so even if someone graduates Med School..it still begs the question..where did that woman get the idea that something as sacred and precious as her sexuality was 'for sale'?..and Ron, plz do stop by agin~!

  • At 9:38 PM, Blogger Lady Jane said…

    Great post, Angel.

  • At 6:43 PM, Blogger Karl m said…

    and GOD said.(sorry aclu, i believe) "it is not good that man be alone..i will make him a helper corresponding to him" (gen 2:18)and then the SNAKE shows up..and it has been here ever since...where has the respect,admiration and reverence for our Helpers gone..it is an outrage that the flesh industry has been permitted to exist..these women are someone's daughter..wife..or mother...think for one moment of your family..would you stand by and allow your loved one to be objectified..nobody CHOOSES to be exploitated..be honest with yourselves..men have sold these women a phony bill of goods...fooling them into thinking they are appreciated for their "talents"...yeah right!!!!how come no one wants to bring them home to meet mom and dad??!!??

  • At 8:35 PM, Blogger christmasghost said…

    very insightful post. and i couldn't agree with you more. men that go to these "clubs" are just as guilty as the men that actually sell women and children as sex slaves.
    no woman would ever "choose" to be a stripper or prostitute unless they were "choosing" from a position of fear.
    which really, as you point out so well, is actually no choice at all. but the lies will continue about how much money they make.as if that makes it okay. i guess it comes down to how much a soul is going for these days.... and i don't mean that in a religious sense.
    have you ever looked at the pictures of a twenty year old stripper? her eyes are old beyond her years....and dead.

  • At 11:51 AM, Blogger Middle Class Guy said…

    The real problem with the "Sex Industry" is the prevailing, and antidiluvian theory that it is a victimless crime.

    There are even proponents to make prostitution quasi legal by giving the "workers" certain rights, protections, and benefits.

    There must be a funamental change in our collective thinking before any real solution can come forth.

    This is not a victimless crime. Stripping, prostitution, and pornography are not "professions".

    If we keep up with our current thinking, some Lib fnatic will pass legislation giving job training skills to crack whores.


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