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Saturday, March 18, 2006

U.N. um..the United Nobodies?

Wanna good laugh?

UN Panel Bashes Israel for Treatment of Palestinian Women

A United Nations body dealing with women's rights has singled out Israel for its treatment of Palestinian women, ignoring other U.N. member states with questionable records on women's rights.
"There was no resolution on Saudi Arabia and the million female migrant workers living in slave-like conditions there," Bayefsky said. Nor was there any mention of Jordan, home to "honor killings," where females are murdered for various transgressions to protect the family's name.

Nothing was said about China, land of forced abortions and sterilizations, Bayefsky said. "Nothing on Mali's appalling record on female genital mutilation. No mention of Palestinian women who volunteer to be suicide bombers in order to kill Jews. And of course, no mention of the Israeli women and girls who are their victims," Bayefsky wrote in comments on her "Eye on the UN" website.

"The Commission on the Status of Women makes it abundantly clear that the victims of the U.N.'s obsession with demonizing the Jewish state go far beyond Israelis. They are the billions of women around the world who cannot garner the attention of this organization because it is otherwise occupied," Bayefsky said.

Israel has long been isolated in the world body. Over the past five decades, more U.N. resolutions have been directed against Israel than any other country. Islamic and Arab states have an automatic majority in the U.N. General Assembly to back anti-Israel resolutions."

OK..lets single out Israel, the only democratic,free and egalitarian society in the Middle East for abuses of women of all things..
'Scuse me while I crack up...
So this is the great United Nations ,dedicated to peace and International Law eh?
I have one small question then..why is it most of the UN's membership aren't even law abiding countries?..(Think about that Angelina Jolie, when your'e smilin for your next photo op)

Syria ran a disarmament committee and Libya ran a human rights committee..Are ya laughing yet?

And while wer'e at, where exactly does the 10 billion dollars a year they spend go?..They a bit short on cash for their anti_American,anti-Semitic cause of the week?

The world's most despotic thugs oh I meant.."leaders"..cough cough.. sit around in the UN ranting about world peace...then go home an order some heads to roll...quite literally.

The UN is Evil sums up their slogan: United Nations; It's Your World. We Just want to Own You.

It was against the United States that all those beneficiaries of our foreign aid were voting at the U.N. It was hatred of the United States and the pleasure of spitting in our face that they were celebrating, as well as their liberation from morality—with savages, appropriately, doing jungle dances in the aisles.

"Consider the meaning of the rights commission vote. The UN voted not to reappoint the United States to its seat on the commission ... but in the same vote, it gave a seat to Sudan, a country that tolerates the practice of slavery."

"In the United Nation's General Assembly, 429 anti-Israel resolutions were passed from 1967 to 1988. Israel was "condemned" 321 times. Arab nations? Not once."

"The UN World Conference Against Racism has met and taken up its primary agenda: the praise and protection of racists. The tone was set on the first day of the conference, when that paragon of progressive politics, Yasser Arafat, took the podium to condemn Israel as a "racist" state that "practices racism and racial discrimination, that adopts ethnic cleansing." He called upon the meeting to issue a condemnation of Israel, a cause backed by many in attendance — not only the Arab states, but also Jesse Jackson and other Western leftists."

And the United States is still a member WHY?
Look at the U.S. Constitution- nowhere does it mandate the US to ally itself with an international organization, particularly one that subverts this country's very interests.

No wonder liberals are so fond of the U.N...It pretends to be doing what in fact the United States is REALLY doing: spreading freedom, promoting prosperity tolerance and peace, while it remains useless, venomous and ineffectual at accomplishing....well just about anything actually.


  • At 7:37 PM, Blogger Karl m said…

    Another quiet day at the U.N...It is Israel's fault , now just fill in the blank.
    God forbid a #1 seed falls in the tourney it will be because of the Security Wall or....

    "if some unlucky accident should befall him -- if he should get shot in the head by a police

    officer -- or if he -- should hang himself in his jail cell -- or if he's struck by a bolt of

    lightning -- then I'm going to blame some of the people in this room. And that, I do not

    forgive" ....my dear Don Corleone it was Israel and the Jews, you know they own the media...yeah, that's right, the media....

  • At 9:10 PM, Blogger Lady Jane said…

    The UN is completely worthless. What good has it done? Perhaps some of the programs have done something positive, but the negative far outweighs it all.

  • At 1:12 PM, Blogger The Uncooperative Blogger said…

    Question, I found no vote voting the US off the human rights committee, just that the new commission will be voted in by the members.

    Not that I imagine the US will get the votes.

    I just don't know why we don't bail on the UN altogether.

  • At 1:23 PM, Blogger WomanHonorThyself said…

    Agreed Karl M and Jane.

    UB...theres absolutely NO reason we havent reduced the entire bldg to rubbish and built a mall!...the Constitution says we the people of the US..NOT we the pple of the corrupt A-rab world!


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