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Monday, March 13, 2006

Do the CrimE...

O.K...for somethin light...On nuke, Muzzzlim, cartoon, ACLU antics over-load here!

"Dumbest" Criminal Jailed Heh.

A man dubbed the dumbest criminal in one country has been jailed for a host of blunders.

"Edinburgh, Scotland -- The Scotsman reports that David Mc-Gregor was sentenced to 28 months after admitting a list of offenses which included assault, fraud, attempted theft and breaching community service.

"Among his less successful exploits was failing to conceal a weapon when, following a confrontation at a pub, an axe fell from where it was hidden up his sleeve. Regulars were able to identify Mc-Gregor since the incident happened at his local pub."

Got anythin up ya sleeve buddy?..Ooops ..forgot the dang axe?..lolz

On another occasion he successfully passed off a fake 10-pound note at a Co-op store, but was caught after he was heard saying "I got a result" as he left the shop, where he was a regular customer and staff knew his name.

He once tried to use a stolen bank card to buy 400 cigarettes and get 50 pounds cashback a local food and clothing superstore. Staff were suspicious because the card was in a woman's name.

An attempt at drug-dealing would have gone unnoticed too, but he was arrested for another offence and happened to have 130 diazepam in his pocket. Mc-Gregor was also found to have stolen Marks & Spencer vouchers when police attempted to arrest him on another charge.

Mc-Gregor,34,..earned the title of the country's dumbest criminal in 2002 when his attempt to cover up a jewel robbery from a house in the city was discovered by X-ray.

The householder arrived back to find the heroin addict in an upstairs bedroom and watched him swallow three diamond rings.

Mc-Gregor tried to make his escape out of the window, but slipped on the icy ledge and tumbled awkwardly to the ground below. He was arrested a short time later but denied he had the rings. However, when he was X-rayed at Perth Royal Infirmary, it was clear exactly where the rings were.

After hearing Mc-Gregor's latest list of crimes, bringing his total to 85 convictions, Sheriff Michael Fletcher said yesterday that he had no option but to jail him."

lolz..Good Lawwwwwwwd! How bout a mandatory brain implant? Aw..that was mean spirited..maybe the dude jus ran outta 'luck'?
Hmmmmmm...Duz crime really pay?..


  • At 5:50 PM, Blogger Lady Jane said…

    What a complete idiot! Especially since he tried to rob places he was well known at.

    At least he made it easy for them to catch him.

  • At 6:44 PM, Blogger Karl m said…

    This reminds of a story from the 50's a 7-foot tall new york knick basketball player went into his local food store, and with a mask on attempted to hold up the storeowner.

    Who said to him "Ray, you've got to be kidding, you are still wearing your Knick's uniform. So maybe your guy ties for second place on the list.


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