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Monday, February 27, 2006

Muzlim Barbarian SavageS TorturE and Murder Jewish Young MaN

In a tragic,tragic story Brutal murder was anti-Semitic crime

"The French interior minister, Nicolas Sarkozy, yesterday described the abduction, torture and killing of a young Jewish man as an anti-Semitic crime, amid growing anger at the brutal murder.
Mr Sarkozy told the French parliament that the gang sought for the murder of Ilan Halimi, 23, whose naked body was found by railway tracks eight days ago, three weeks after he had disappeared, had also tried to kidnap other Jews."

"The police, who found literature linking some of the suspects to Palestinian and Muzlim groups, have insisted the murder was motivated by greed - the gang had demanded a ransom - and not religious motives."The truth is that these crooks acted primarily for sordid and vile motives, to get money, but they were convinced that 'the Jews have money."

"That's called anti-Semitism by amalgam."

"Ilan Halimi was snatched on January 21. A young woman, suspected as acting as a lure, has since given herself up. His family received numerous ransom demands. He was found, with 80% of his body burned, naked and handcuffed on February 13. He died on the way to hospital."

"France's Jewish community numbers around 600,000, the Muslim community around five million, both the largest in Europe...

Police had earlier insisted the murder was not anti-Semitic, but the victim's mother Ruth Halimi accused them of ignoring this motive for fear of upsetting Muzlim opinion...

She told the Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz that if her son "hadn't been Jewish, he wouldn't have been killed"...
"We told the police there were at least three attempted kidnappings of young Jews but they kept insisting that the motives were purely criminal."

This beautiful young Jewish boy was found with 80% of his body burned, naked and handcuffed..

I await the rioting and passionate, vehement outcry from the ahem moderate Muzlim community.
I'm waiting.
Still waiting.

Please pray for the soul and family of Ilan Halimi.
Pray that for once -Justice will be done.

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HatTip to Van Hesling at Moonbattery.
For more background on the story see: The Real Ugly American
Moonbatteryhas some background and insights.


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