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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Washington or Lincoln or BotH?

Yahoo News on Presidents Day poses an interesting question.

Monday is not Presidents Day. It's Washington's Birthday.

"Only it isn't Washington's Birthday either, not really. The father of our country was born on Feb. 22, and Monday is only Feb. 19. What gives?

"This February holiday is a real mess. Back in the middle of the last century, when Americans didn't hate all their politicians for the mere character flaw of being politicians, we celebrated two holidays. Every American schoolchild knew that Abraham Lincoln was born on Feb. 12 and that Washington's birthday.. was 10 days later. Two presidents, two holidays. Made a lot of sense: the president who helped found the Union, the president who helped save it."

In 1968,Congress started to change dates of the nation's holidays. The lawmakers moved holidays so that most of them should be on Monday so as to assure three-day weekends.

"But there are three problems with the way things are today -- or, rather, the way things will be on Monday.

Problem No. 1: No proper celebration of Washington is really taking place. Washington exemplified several American ideals, including the notion of the citizen-soldier, the idea that American presidents shouldn't be royalty, and the concept that leaders ought to step away from office after a decent interval. The coupling of restraint and power is a lesson all of our leaders would do well to learn.

Problem No. 2: No proper celebration of Lincoln is really taking place. Lincoln's humanity and decency represent the best of America and are a reminder that it is possible, in the White House as in life, for a leader who makes hard choices to have a soft heart. According to some Lincoln was our greatest president.

Problem No. 3: It's not proper to celebrate mere power. That, essentially, is what a holiday named Presidents Day does. It honors all presidents, which, when you think of it, honors the fact of achieving the presidency more than it honors any achievements in the White House."

"It's important, if for nothing else as a cultural lesson to the kids who have the day off from school, to insist that the mere achievement of high office or high prestige is not itself worthy of celebration, even if the climb to office or to a position of prestige was difficult or ennobling. It is what someone does with that forum that matters."

What say you about this topic?..Yay or Nay on ahem.."President's Day"?


  • At 1:17 PM, Blogger Karl m said…

    there is absolutely NO PROBLEM..Sirs George and Abe are two of the most important persons to have ever graced our historical tapestry, to remember them in any way, on or near their birthdays is what is critical to us. and for us, as a democracy, to live up to all the ideals they have given us.

  • At 2:18 PM, Blogger kevin said…

    As I said in my blog, I think both Abe and George deserve thier own day.


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